Wet Bench Spray Paint Booth

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The bench spray paint booth is constructed with water tank 3mm HR sheet & 40 x 40 x 1.6mm L angle, Leg provision for steadiness. The water tank is painted with rubberised paint to protect it from rust and increase its durability.



  • 1.2mm Galvanized Prime Steel with 40 x 40 x 1.2mm Square tube Frame is used to make Booth Panels.
  • Blowers: Recycled Branded motors [Bharathi Bijli & Crompton Greaves.
  • Centrifugal direct compelled Exhaust fans are strongly secured.
  • Booth panels are fixed on 8 inch centers.
  • Rotating Table: To Place the component & rotate while Pumps & Motors.
  • Rotating Device: A peg to sling the Component during painting.
  • To enhance the Booth's quality & finish one coat of primer and two coats of paints are used.
  • Conveyor & Crane Openings are supplied on as client's request.
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