We manufacture a wide range of dry type paint booths to cater to different industries. We have the ability to customise the size, capacity and other specifications to the kind of work to be performed. Our spray booths are known for their highest efficiency. Dry type paint booths are known to arrest paint without water or chemicals. Their simple maintenance makes it ideal to use for all kind of paint applications.

Dry Type Paint Booth

A dry type paint booth is recommended when paint consumption is less and water is scarce. They are recognised for their simplicity and low power consumption. The dry type paint booth is provided with paint arresting paper filters which are easy to maintain and dispose.

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Bench Spray Paint Booth

These industrial open face paint booths have built-in work bench paint booths. They are designed for batch type or conveyor production applications. In this kind of booth, the air is drawn into the open face of the industrial paint booth, across the work area and through the filter bank at the back.

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Down Draft Paint Booth

The down draft paint booths offered by us have a modular concept based on industrial paint booths. They are specially designed for painting heavy parts or components that are large in size, load and weight. The paint booth is also used to paint objects/systems that are difficult to handle including wagons.

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Downdraft Paint Booth Manufacturers

Paint Spray Booth

Our paint spray booths boast of features such as long service life, efficient performance and great value for money. The paint spray booths are made in accordance with latest design standards which help in increasing operator efficiency and smoothens the functioning.

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Paint Spray Booth Manufacturers