Wet type paint booths use liquid in their paint applications. Primarily, there are two types which are waterborne and solvent based. The functional principle of these booths is based on the exhausting system, which sucks air from the booth through the paint filters. The sprayed solvent and paint particles are sucked together through the exhausted air. We offer 4 types of wet paint booths.

Wet Type Paint Booth

Wet type paint booths are widely used for the purpose of spray painting. Instead of collecting overspray in filters, a constant stream of water collects the over spray paint particles from the air. The sludge collected in the water tank is removed and disposed off regularly. The water tank and paint chamber is coated with zinc or aluminium to protect it from corrosion. The complete body is made from stainless steel to ensure its long life in wet conditions.


Wet Bench Spray Paint Booth

The bench spray paint booth is constructed with water tank 3mm HR sheet & 40 x 40 x 1.6mm L angle, Leg provision for steadiness. The water tank is painted with rubberised paint to protect it from rust and increase its durability.

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Water Wash Paint Booth

The functional principle of water wash paint booths is the separation of continuous water stream. The water flow ensures the separation of the sprayed paint. These booths are extremely efficient to remove paint particles from exhausted air by using water as filtration media.

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Water Curtain Paint Booth

Water curtain paint booths are specialised for submersible pump, machinery, furniture, machinery spares, two wheeler chase and car pumps. These booths are classified into down draft paint booths, bench spray paint booths, side draft paint booths and down draft pain booths.